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Pixel Shutter Release Cord RC-201/S1 for Sony

(Item number: ZQG-3140)
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The Pixel RC-201/S1 Shutter Release Cord is suitable for various Sony DSLR cameras. The cord is 110cm long and easy to connect. Once connected, the button on the remote can be pressed halfway to focus the image and by pressing the button in fully, the camera will take a picture. By adjusting the settings on your camera, it is also possible to take multiple photos or lengthen the exposure time by pressing the button on the remote, once.

The Pixel RC-201/S1 Shutter Release Cord is suitable for the following cameras:

Sony: DSLRα900, α850, α700, α560, α550, α500, α450, α400, α350, α300, α200, α100, α77, α65, α57, α55, α37, α35, α33

Konica Minolta: DIMAGE α2, α1, 9, 7Hi, 7i, 7, 5, 4, 3, DYNAX 7D, 5D

Please note: the S1 cable is attached to the transmitter and cant be exchanged for another cable.

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