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ACME CL02 Screen Cleaning Wipes TFT/LCD 100pcs

  • Pakuotė: Plastikinis indelis
  • Other features: TFT/LCD/CRT display cleaning wipes. Special cleaning wipes, that cleans TFT/LCD/CRT monitors, scanners, mobile phones displays, display filters, foto/video camera lenses and prevents from static effect. 100 pcs. of wet wipes in compact dispener. Alcohol free.
  • Tipas: Ekranų valymo servetėlės
  • Package width: 8 cm
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Produkto linija: Right Now
2.99 €

Valiklis Logilink TFT/LCD Cleaning Wipes 100pcs/box

  • Other features: Special cleaning cloths for TFT and LCDFor coated and uncoated glass surfacesThe liquid is (not flammable)Free of butyl glycol and methanolBiodegradable, non-lubricatingEndless cloth with AbrissperforierungStorage box with lockPolish it with dry clothTowels size: 175x130 mm
  • Product dimensions: 175 x130 mm
  • Gross weight: 0.28 kg
  • Producer product name: TFT LCD Reinigung Wipes
  • Compatibility: Special cleaning cloths for TFT and LCD
  • Product type: cleaner
3.99 €

Valiklis ACME CL34 TFT/LCD Screen Cleaning Gel + micro-fiber cloth

  • Other features: Alcohol-free - ensuring no damage to the delicate finish on today’s high end displays;Low-viscosity gel - reduces overspray and running which can damage internal components;Antistatic - reduced static build-up ensures lower attraction of airborne dust and grime;Residue free - wipes completely clean, leaving no streaks, residue or build-up;Microfiber cleaning cloth included – for professional scratch-free maintenance of screens and lenses
  • Produkto linija: Right Now
  • Product family: Right Now
  • Tipas: Lietimui jautrių ekranų valymo rinkinys
  • Product type: Cleaning Kit
  • Garantija: 2 metai nuo pagaminimo datos
3.99 €

Valiklis ACME CL38 Economic TV screen cleaning set

  • Produkto linija: Right Now
  • Other features: Gentle cleaning spray for TV screens with microfiber pad.The usage of the microfiber cloth lets economize up to 50% of cleaning liquid.This spray prevents from static effect.
  • Product family: Right Now
  • Tipas: Ekranų valiklis
  • Warranty: 2 year(s)
  • Pakuotė: Plastic bottle 200 ml.
4.99 €

TFT, LCD and Plasma Cleaning Cloths

  • Product family: Special cleaning cloths for TFT and LCDAlso for coated and uncoated glass surfacesThe liquid contains no alcohol (non-flammable)Free of butyl glycol and methanolBiodegradable; Not slurringEndlessly ripped cloth with perforationStorage box with lockPolishing using a dry cloth
  • Gross weight: 0.14 kg
  • Net weight: 0.10 kg
  • Compatibility: Special cleaning cloths for TFT and LCD
  • Product type: cleaner
  • Producer product name: Special cleaning cloths for TFT and LCD
2.99 €

Gembird Compressed air duster, 400 ml

  • Ypatybės: * Easily cleans all hard to reach or sensitive places * Extension tube for precision-dusting * 100% Ozone safe * 400 ml can
  • Other features: * Easily cleans all hard to reach or sensitive places* Extension tube for precision-dusting* 100% Ozone safe* 400 ml can
  • Colour of product: Multi
  • Weight: 350 oz
  • Depth: 65 "
  • Height: 210 "
1.99 €

ColorWay Compressed gas Air Duster 500ml

  • Type: Compressed gas Air Duster 500ml
  • Capacity: 500 ml GB
  • Other features: Designed for fast and effective cleaning of hard to reach places; Help you can blow not only dust, but also dirt and microscopic debris;
  • Tipas: Suspausto oro valiklis
  • Talpa: 500 ml
  • Ypatybės: Sukurtas greitam ir efektyviam sunkiai pasiekiamų vietų išvalymui; PAdeda išvalyti ne tik dulkes, bet ir purvą ar mikroskopines šiukšles.
3.99 €

Valiklis ProBiotic Working place cleaning kit (250ml liquid)

  • Other features: * The environment that surrounds us should be clean and natural microbiological balanced. According to the tests, mobile phone screens, tablets, keyboards, mouse and table tops are one of the most dirty. * Workplace cleaner with probiotics cleans the working space, recreates the natural microbiological balance. Antistatic formula repels dust. Can be used to clean a computer/ laptop screen, keyboard, mouse, phone, mobile phone, the working table, armrests, other equipment in the office.
  • Producer product name: Working place cleaning kit (250ml liquid + 3M microfiber cloth)
  • Warranty: 12 month(s)
  • Net weight: 0.32 kg
  • Gross weight: 0.40 kg
7.99 €

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