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ACME CL02 Screen Cleaning Wipes TFT/LCD 100pcs

  • Pakuotė: Plastikinis indelis
  • Other features: TFT/LCD/CRT display cleaning wipes. Special cleaning wipes, that cleans TFT/LCD/CRT monitors, scanners, mobile phones displays, display filters, foto/video camera lenses and prevents from static effect. 100 pcs. of wet wipes in compact dispener. Alcohol free.
  • Tipas: Ekranų valymo servetėlės
  • Product type: LED/LCD/Plasma screens cleaning wipes
2.99 €

Valiklis Logilink Air-Duster on the pressure, 400ml

  • Warranty: 24 month(s)
  • Other features: For cleaning of inaccessible areasMetered spray starchIn accordance with regulations of CFC-freeSuitable for multimedia and office equipmentKeyboards, printers, disk drives,Cameras, copiers, fax, mobile phonesGames consoles, TV sets etc.SprühkopfverlängerungHas propane / butaneCapacity: 400 ml
  • Tipas: Suspausto oro valiklis
  • Product type: Compressed air cleaner
3.99 €

Valiklis Logilink TFT/LCD Cleaning Wipes 100pcs/box

  • Producer product name: TFT LCD Reinigung Wipes
  • Warranty: 24 month(s)
  • Other features: Special cleaning cloths for TFT and LCDFor coated and uncoated glass surfacesThe liquid is (not flammable)Free of butyl glycol and methanolBiodegradable, non-lubricatingEndless cloth with AbrissperforierungStorage box with lockPolish it with dry clothTowels size: 175x130 mm
  • Compatibility: Special cleaning cloths for TFT and LCD
3.99 €

Valiklis ACME CL38 Economic TV screen cleaning set

  • Produkto linija: Right Now
  • Other features: Gentle cleaning spray for TV screens with microfiber pad.The usage of the microfiber cloth lets economize up to 50% of cleaning liquid.This spray prevents from static effect.
  • Product type: Cleaning Kit
  • Tipas: Ekranų valiklis
4.99 €

Gembird Compressed air duster, 400 ml

  • Producer product name: Compressed air duster
  • Warranty: 12 month(s)
  • Other features: * Easily cleans all hard to reach or sensitive places* Extension tube for precision-dusting* 100% Ozone safe* 400 ml can
  • Net weight: 0.34 kg
1.99 €

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