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ACME CL02 Screen Cleaning Wipes TFT/LCD 100pcs

  • Pakuotė: Plastikinis indelis
  • Other features: TFT/LCD/CRT display cleaning wipes. Special cleaning wipes, that cleans TFT/LCD/CRT monitors, scanners, mobile phones displays, display filters, foto/video camera lenses and prevents from static effect. 100 pcs. of wet wipes in compact dispener. Alcohol free.
  • Tipas: Ekranų valymo servetėlės
  • Producer product name: CL02 Screen Cleaning Wipes 100pcs
2.99 €

ACME CL51 Air pressure cleaning 400ml

  • Tipas: Suspausto oro valiklis
  • Other features: Perfectly cleans dust from surfaces of office equipment , such as printers, faxes, keyboards and etc. where it is hard to reach by hand.Thin pipe included.Ozone friendly
  • Pakuotė: Slėginis indas. 400 ml.
  • Proper use: Screens/Plastics
4.99 €

Valiklis ACME CL34 TFT/LCD Screen Cleaning Gel + micro-fiber cloth

  • Produkto linija: Right Now
  • Other features: Alcohol-free - ensuring no damage to the delicate finish on today’s high end displays;Low-viscosity gel - reduces overspray and running which can damage internal components;Antistatic - reduced static build-up ensures lower attraction of airborne dust and grime;Residue free - wipes completely clean, leaving no streaks, residue or build-up;Microfiber cleaning cloth included – for professional scratch-free maintenance of screens and lenses
  • Gross weight: 0.24 kg
  • Tipas: Lietimui jautrių ekranų valymo rinkinys
3.99 €

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