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Valiklis ACME CL21 Gentle TFT/LCD

  • Other features: Gentle TFT/LCD screen cleaning spray. Special cleaning spray, that cleans TFT/LCD/CRT monitors, scanners, mobile phones displays, display filters, foto/video camera lenses and prevents from static effect.
  • Produkto linija: Right Now
  • Product type: TFT/LCD cleaning spray
  • Package type: Plastic bottle
2.99 €

TFT, LCD and Plasma Cleaning Cloths

  • Product family: Special cleaning cloths for TFT and LCDAlso for coated and uncoated glass surfacesThe liquid contains no alcohol (non-flammable)Free of butyl glycol and methanolBiodegradable; Not slurringEndlessly ripped cloth with perforationStorage box with lockPolishing using a dry cloth
  • Substance: Dry cloths
  • Proper use: LCD/TFT/Plasma
  • Warranty: 24 month(s)
2.99 €

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