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Apple iMac 24” 4.5K Retina, Apple M3 8C CPU, 10C GPU/8GB/512GB SSD/Green/INT Apple

Apple iMac 24” 4.5K Retina, Apple M3 8C CPU, 10C GPU/8GB/512GB SSD/Green/INT Apple
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Imbued with power.

An excellent allinone computer, now turbocharged with the M3 chip. With a dazzling 24-inch screen with room for everything. And iconic design that will enliven any place. iMac is ideal for those who work and play. Or vice versa.

Less than 11.5 mm. Impressively slim.

The iMac owes its unusual design to the Apple integrated circuit, which in the M3 version dramatically increases its performance.

M3 is the main processor, graphics processor, memory and other components integrated in one chip. Thanks to it, we were able to fit the entire computer into a housing so flat that it almost disappears from the profile.

  • Hyperfast Thunderbolt ports. And lightning-fast file transfer via WiFi 6E
  • Power supply with magnetic connection. With matching woven cable.

It's absolutely dazzling. The detail is breathtaking.

On the huge 24-inch Retina display, you have plenty of space for multitasking and engaging entertainment - games, movies, and anything else you can imagine. 4.5K resolution brings out incredibly sharp details. The image is stunning with a brightness of 500 nits. And thanks to P3's wide color gamut, everything comes alive with over a billion colors. No matter what you do, it looks amazing on your iMac.

FaceTime HD 1080p camera. A dream-like close-up.

This is the best camera system on the iMac yet. The M3 chip with a built-in ISP processor analyzes and improves each pixel at a rate of over a trillion operations per second, thereby improving image quality. This translates into excellent noise reduction, incredible dynamic range and more balanced exposure. And you look great in any lighting. M3 also works with macOS, so when you use Presenter Overlay during a video conference, you stay in focus on the content being shared.

Studio-grade microphones. Conversations with the class.

When you're on a video call, recording a podcast, or broadcasting live, iMac's microphones keep your voice clear and crisp. A studio-grade three-microphone array minimizes feedback, and acoustic beamforming technology is exceptionally effective at reducing background noise. As a result, everyone hears you and not what is around you.

Six-speaker system. Sound reaches everywhere.

iMac will fill any space with unrivaled sound. Two pairs of forcecancelling woofers generate rich, deep bass. Each of these pairs is balanced by a high-power tweeter. The result is a spacious acoustic scene, and music, movies and everything you listen to take on extraordinary expression. iMac also supports surround sound with Dolby Atmos. And when you add a 4.5K Retina display, your room turns into a cinema.

M3 and macOS. And you take in everything in no time.

M3 and macOS bring the latest and most advanced technologies to your iMac, ensuring extraordinary levels of performance, energy efficiency and security. The M3 chip was made using a new generation process. It easily handles hundreds of tabs in the browser, allows you to create multimedia-rich presentations and explore new worlds with breathtaking graphics. In addition, the iMac is quiet and runs cool even under heavy load. This is the spectacular power of hardware, software and integrated circuits - designed together.

Safari on iMac is up to 30% faster. Additionally, it allows you to create personalized profiles and securely share passwords or digital keys.

Games on the M3 are stunning, running at up to 50 percent higher frame rates. And with hardware-accelerated ray tracing, light and reflections look more natural.

In Adobe Photoshop, you can edit photos up to 2x faster and easily create huge images, even 100 megapixels.

iMac and iPhone. Matched pair.

Everything that the iPhone has to offer, the iMac will show on a dazzling 24-inch screen. And what you keep on your iMac can be accessed from anywhere with iPhone. Together they can work wonders.

Calls and messages come straight to your iMac, so you don't have to reach for your phone and get distracted.

Universal Clipboard lets you copy texts, images, photos and more on your iPhone and then paste them on your iMac.

Plus, photos and scans of documents taken with your iPhone will automatically appear on your iMac.

Everything in color.

You can choose a color-matched keyboard, mouse and trackpad for your iMac. Magic Keyboard with Touch ID lets you easily and securely unlock your iMac, switch users, use Apple Pay and download apps9. And the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad provide comfortable and intuitive navigation.

Designed with the planet in mind.

We designed the iMac to have as little impact on the natural environment as possible. The virgin wood fibers in its packaging were obtained entirely from responsibly managed forests. The aluminum from which the stand is made is 100% recycled material. The rare earth elements in the speaker magnets, fan motor and power connectors are also exclusively recycled. We also made commitments to use 100 percent electricity from renewable sources in the entire supply chain by 2030.

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