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Luna Optics LN-EIR1-F IR Illuminator slide

(Item number: UVV-5468)
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The Luna Optics LN-EIR1-F is an extra infrared illuminator from Luna Optics. This LED infrared illuminator with adjustable beam strength makes it possible to double your viewing distance. This Infrared illuminator is made of sturdy plastic which makes it very lightweight,  just 100 grams. The LN-EIR1-F kan be mounted to many of the Luna Optics nightvision devices because of it's slide adapter. Thanks to the 3V lithium CR123 battery, the unit has an operating time of almost 3 hours.

The Luna Optics LN-EIR1-F kan be mounted to the following models: LN-PB3, LNPB5, LN-PB7, LN-PBG1-PRO, LN-EBG1 en LN-EBG1-PRO.


  • Golflength 805nm
  • Adjustable beam power from 0,5nW to 120nW
  • Adjustable beam width from 3 to 6 degrees.
  • Operating time of almost 3 hours thanks to the 3V lithium CR123 Battery



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