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Falcon Eyes Daylight Lamp holder LHG-500

(Item number: DEN-0810)
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The Falcon Eyes LHG-500 Daylight Lamp Holder is equipped with a reflector and power cable and is suitable for product photography, portrait photography and videography. The LHG-500 is equipped with a universal E27 lamp socket making it possible to use many different lamps and colour temperatures. Halogen lamps, for example, provide a colour temperature of 3200K while spiral bulbs provide a colour temperature of 5300K. The recommended bulb for this lamp holder is the ML-40 spiral lamp, which can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

The LHG-500 is equipped with a Falcon Eyes bayonet connecter making it possible to connect many different accessories such as a softbox, strip light or beauty dish. An optional barndoor set or honeycomb can be mounted to the included reflector. Further, the lamp holder is equipped with an umbrella holder, allowing you to mount an umbrella to your lamp holder.

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