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Saramonic Audio Recorder SR-Q2M Metal

(Item number: UZM-5076)
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The Saramonic SR-Q2M is an audio recorder for fast and clear sound recording. With just one push of a button you can start a recording. Ideal for interviews, music recordings, podcasts and audio clips. You can also use it to record sound to add to a video. The recorder is equipped with a built-in X/Y stereo microphone.

You simply place the microphone on a (table) stand. The recorder has a 1/4" female thread.

During the recording you can listen live by connecting earplugs or headphones to the 3.5 mm port. The volume can be adjusted with two push buttons on the sides.

Application Saramonic SR-Q2M Metal

You can use the SR-Q2M recorder for various purposes. The audio is stored on a micro SD card. Besides the recorder you will also get a lavalier microphone which you can also connect to the SR-Q2M. The SR-Q2M also comes with a remote control, so you can put the recorder a lot further away and control it from a distance.

You can listen back to the recordings directly through the built-in speaker or by connecting a set of earplugs or headphones to the recorder. Furthermore, the recorder has a hold function, which prevents you from unintentionally stopping the recording. Power is supplied by two AA batteries (not included). You can make up to 19.5 hours of recordings with the SR-Q2M before you need to replace the batteries. If you want to work without batteries you can also use the supplied USB cable to power the recorder. For example, you can connect this to a laptop or a power adapter.

Spalva: juoda
Spalva: juoda
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